Our Story


     Los Crazies is a streetwear clothing brand based out of Las Vegas, Nevada. It is more than just a name or logo on a shirt. Los Crazies translates to “The Crazies”. Growing up in a crazy Urban environment, overcoming situations, and transitioning to cars is what started everything. Now, Los Crazies represents and expresses that life style in T-shirts, hoodies, bottoms and even accessories. All having meanings, phrases you can relate to, graffiti, and mixed with cool designs.


     Growing up in Las Vegas can be tough, specially being a first generation Chicano. Pressured on getting out of the gutter and not knowing how. Schools not being the best and kids not getting equal treatment. Gangs and drugs surrounding you, fights out bursting in every corner, and people you know getting shot or killed. You have to be crazy to overcome these situations with all you see happening around you.


     Los Crazies is what two of my brothers and I called ourselves after being around all of that. Everyone knew us as Los Crazies and we used it as a nickname for everything. We would always  do everything together. Knowing we always had each other’s backs, staying true and keeping it as real as it gets. Being in a graffiti crew and having art skills our school projects would stand, selling custom graffiti canvases and backpacks but knew we could make something more out of it but didn’t know what.


     After coming of age, we would still call ourselves Los Crazies but never pursued anything involving art. It was still in our blood but we started dedicating ourselves into our cars. We would put most of our time into our cars and making now Los Crazies into a car crew. We would be crazy with our cars and loved building them, burning wheel, and drifting them. In 2020, life had a tragic turn for us changing us forever.


     In 2020 our smallest brother Angel “UFO” passed away. It changed us and scarred us forever. Death is crazy and we never knew exactly how it felt. Los Crazies was designed into our little brothers headstone where he rests. We felt the need to pursue something more in Los Crazies. Something for everyone to understand and relate more to us, Los Crazies.


     Los Crazies is now a Streetwear Clothing Brand. All of our designs have meanings, phrases you can relate to, graffiti, and mixed with cool designs. Los Crazies is more than just a brand and we consider you our crew, brother,  and family. Los Crazies is for everyone and we try our best to express and represent what we’ve all been through. Follow Los Crazies and join our journey! Always remember to Be True, Take Risks, and Stay Crazy!